Monday, April 13, 2015

Inexpensive Organization

Today, I want to share some pics and hopefully theses ideas can work for you. 

I bought two magazine organizers to put my cutting boards, lids and cookie racks
With a little imagination I made a lot of space in my cabinet.

I purchased a inexpensive an over the door shoe organizer to store small items inside my kitchen pantry/closet. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My .50cents curtain

A couple of days ago, my daughter told me that she couldn't sleep well because of the new light from our neighbor's house was shining into her bedroom. Of course, I wanted to fix the problem. I started looking for curtains, rods, brackets, and knobs, YIKES! How expensive they are. Seriously why do they have to be so expensive

Days of thinking in how to fix the problem, I started looking in Pinterest for ideas,  I found a lot of ideas. The best thing of finding those ideas is that I had everything in my house. I found an electrical conduit in the garage that hubby bought years ago, I think it was for some project, that he never did. I spray painted. The brackets, it was for another project, never used until now, whoops that was my fault. The fabric is from Joann's leftovers, you know the ones that they put in a shelf for less money. I bought it around 5 or 6 years ago, thinking of course, in other project but instead of doing the project it went straight to the "started-but-never-finished" bin.   

At this point you are asking "why .50 cents" :) .50 cents was what I paid for the knob, at Habitat for Humanity Restore. I love that place. Not only you can find crazy stuff but also because they are inexpensive. Oh I love that word. They were not meant for the curtain rod; those knobs were meant for cabinets but I glued them with hot glue to the "rod" 

With 0.50 cents and a little imagination, my daughter has a new curtain in her bedroom that would fix the light problem.  Hopefully she could sleep well all night long.